Daily Create 7-12-14

Instructions for Daily Create 7-12-14

Explain a Principle of Physics in a Pair of Limericks

Two limericks to explain… Newton’s Second Law? Thermodynamics? Momentum? Conservation of Energy? Do you really need to look up the formula for a limerick?

I chose Newton’s 1st law of Motion, otherwise known as “The Law of Inertia.”

Law of Inertia Part I (Limerick by Robyn Cashmore)

An object at rest will remain at rest.
A notion I wanted to put to the test.
I sat down one day,
And there I still stay,
To inertia I quite acquiesced.

 Law of Inertia Part 2 (Limerick by Robyn Cashmore)

An object in motion continues in motion.
I’ve always found this a sensible notion.
I would test this too,
To see if it’s true,
But to inertia part 1 I have total devotion

Found this wonderful image on-line, it says it all. 🙂


original image source: http://redballooninc.com/inertia-getting-going-and-changing-direction/

NOTE: I know NOTHING about this website or its content. Its inclusion in my blog is solely for the intention of giving full image credit. It does not indicate my knowledge of or agreement with any information/ideas/authenticity of anything found at that site. (Well, except for my addiction to inertia…that much I agree with… 😉  )





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