Daily Create: My First Attempt 6-26-14

7-14-14 UPDATE

I made my first Daily Create as a page rather than a post. I am just copying that first attempt, no content changed other than this update note, in as a post so it will show up where my other daily creates show up. I have come so far, yet haven’t moved at all compared to how far I have to go!


For my first attempt at a Daily Create I just chose one from old Daily Create assignments. Here is what I chose. And my original text and images related to this are below. None of the images are linked to anything anywhere. Hopefully I’ll figure that out for my next Daily Create.

first daily create screen shot

Yes, things on this blog are going to be all over the place and often with no connecting theme. This is the very beginning of a long learning process. But my hope is that it will grow exponentially, and before you know it, perhaps I’ll have a clue of what I am assembling here.

So this PAGE’s content is my first attempt at a Daily Create. I saw a daily create that said something along the lines of “take a photo that describes you.” Well, I don’t have time to take a NEW photo (which is highly unusual, I spend a good part of many days taking photos…not my profession, just my love). BUT I am getting dangerously close to having a second day pass without doing a Daily Create. So I am going to post a few photos I created in the past few years as FB profiles, just for fun. They will at least start to give an inkling of who I am, as far as is relevant for my blog.

NOTE: The image of the head with numbers and symbols exploding from it is not mine. I took it from google images long ago. I felt I wanted to include something to hint at my love of math!

4-2-11          byn experiment 2d

Byn Profile final         byn fall profile pic

byn experiment again    math head


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