Leap of Faith

Gif this…..

I don’t really get the appeal of turning a video clip into a gif. Turning still shots into a moving gif, yes, but not the other way around. BUT, it was the first assignment in Unit 2. And I do believe that everything I try and learn to do in this class will be of benefit in the long run.

So I am going to post two GIFs here. The first one was my very first attempt. I did something wrong and missed including the key part of my GIF, when Baby takes the leap of faith into Johnny’s arms. Instead she is caught in an endless loop of running clumsily toward him.

The second GIF is more what I was going for. With an open mind, and an honest heart, and a leap of faith, we can learn a lot from others, and they from us. Dirty Dancing, such a profound movie.


Leap of Faith minus the Leap


Leap of Faith

Oh, and as you can see at the bottom of each GIF, I used MakeAGIF.com to make these GIFs from youtube video of Dirty Dancing, the final dance. I was going to try downloading one of the free video grabbers onto my computer, but became too concerned about unknowingly downloading a virus of some type. So I decided to use a gif maker that I did not have to download anything to use. That seems to be part of what I should get used to anyway in this class…that is…I do not have to have everything contained locally in my actual physically-touchable laptop in order to create the products I wish to share on-line.



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