Daily Create tdc983: Show us a Feeling!

These were the instructions for tdc983:

tdc983 instructions

And this is what I created

ds106 tdc983 Cashmore

So I started with a feeling, thought about it for “a bit,” created an embodiment of the feeling, and shared in the image(s) above. Do you understand it? What do you think I am showing here? If you would like to read my explanation of this image and the “feeling” it embodies, click below. I have attached a pdf file that will explain all.

ds106 tdc983 Cashmore


Daily Create

Instructions for Daily Create 972

What book would protect you in a protest?

In a political or social demonstration, you may need to protect yourself from police, guards, or opposing citizens. Design your book bloc shield that projects a message in the form of a book title and take a photograph.

So, here’s my book bloc.

tdc972 book bloc



Daily Create tdc966 on 09-04-14


1000 Mile (or 1609.344 Kilometer) Stare
Posted: 30 Aug 2014 10:00 PM PDT
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1000 mile stare

The question isn’t “Why is this wide-eyed woman oblivious to the significant dangers around her?”; the question is “What could have been so traumatic as to cause such an extreme case of 1000 mile (yard) stare?” (My guess is living with preteens.)